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Flashing Sophos AP55 with OpenWrt

Flashing AP55 and AP55C to give them a new life with OpenWRT

Windows Admin Center (WAC) ACME certificates with PFsense

In this guide I will show you how to setup automatic certificate renewal for Windows Admin Center (WAC) with the PFsense ACME package. The starting requirement for this guide is...

sqlite3.IntegrityError | Upgrading FreeNAS 11.3-U7 to TrueNAS Core 12.4-U4

During my upgrade of FreeNAS I encountered a sqlite3.IntegrityError stopping a active database upgrade. I will show you how to fix it and upgrade to TrueNAS.

Exchange 2016 with 4GB RAM

I was doing some exercises for school with exchange server 2016 when I had a fun idea, I was wondering what would happen with 4gb of RAM. The bare minimun...

Sysprepped server not automatically AzureAD joined

Around the start of the corona crisis a client of ours needed a big upgrade for his RDS farm. The current farm existed of 5 RD servers and 1 gateway....